Leslie Cavendish the Beatles Hairdresser 1967 to 1975

Leslie Cavendish the Beatles Hairdresser from 1967 to 1975

I was born in London, in the East End – Cable Street. At the age of 6 months, my family moved to North London where I later was enrolled in the Chandos School and was a Beatles fan even then.

I became captain of the football team at the school. I left school at 15 with no particular trade in mind. One day I had to meet my mother at her hairdresser’s. I was so impressed by the beautiful women in the salon that from that time I was set on becoming a hairdresser!

Shortly after, I started an apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon’s, with Vidal himself!, at their salon in Bond Street. I then moved as a junior to a new salon at the Grosvenor Hotel. I completed a three-year apprenticeship in only two years.

It was shortly after I had qualified as a sylist that I met Jane Asher, Paul McCartney’s girlfriend at the time, and the rest as they say, is history …

There are a number of interesting videos (including one from The Magical Mystery Tour) and links to interviews and appearances I have made on the media & links page.

I’ve put this website together to provide and archive of my time as The Beatles’ hairdresser – fun times – for more browse the archive …

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